March Core Value: Responsible Citizens

This month we consider one of DREAM’s core values: Responsible Citizens. We believe, as responsible citizens, striving to improve relationships and create trust within our communities is most important, even through tough times.

At Westpark, our mentors practice being responsible citizens every opportunity they get. Mentors often bring treats for their mentees like starbursts or mini chocolate bars. Kids being kids, the wrappers often end up on the ground. Westpark mentors take quick action to remind kids to pick up their trash and toss it in the garbage, or save it in their pocket until there is an opportunity to properly dispose of their waste. “We always tell our kids to clean up after themselves and never let them litter when we’re around,” explains Jay Jadeja, a Westpark co-chair from University of Pennsylvania.

Being a responsible citizen also means staying informed on current events. Wednesday, March 14th, students across the nation took part in a walkout to express their right to be safe in school. During Westpark’s DREAM Friday following, mentors educated their mentees about this event and had an open discussion about their thoughts on the issue. Staying informed on nationwide newsworthy events is an important lesson our mentors are excited to share with their mentees.

Cecil B. Moore’s matching ceremony on March 16th was held at Pazano’s Pizza. Cecil mentors encourage their mentees to say please and thank you, and were proud when they noticed one mentee, Tymir, approach the pizza crew and thank them for the food. Being a responsible citizen means showing appreciation to those around you, and Tymir did a great job modeling this!

Cecil B. Moore also recently had a DREAM Friday in which mentors and mentees made ravioli from scratch. This was a fun way to share cooking skills with the kids and teach them how enjoyable it can be to make food from scratch. Plus, this was a strong bonding experience for mentors and their mentees to work together towards a common goal. Below are Jess and Devyn getting their raviolis started.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 4.08.24 PM.png


A huge thank you to our sponsors, community partners, and supporters for allowing our mentors to be responsible citizens, building trust and strengthening bonds within the communities we serve. 


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