Mission Moment: How Does DREAM Help You?

BY: Jennifer Horan, Regional Director

Every March the DREAM development team enters a season we lovingly refer to as, “Grantpocalypse,” a 1-2 month period in late spring when our calendars are filled with multiple grant application due dates. During this time, my over-caffeinated brain is humming with qualitative data, program outcomes and various other evaluative measurements demonstrating the impact of our mission to prospective funders. What these statistics don’t measure, though, are those random and beautiful “mission moments” that help validate why we do what we do.

Recently, on a blustery February Friday, our Program Director, Jay MacFadgen, walked up the block to Beckett Gardens Apartments to visit the mentors and kids during programming. Inside he found Temple mentor, Zena and her mentee, Nolen. The two were face to face, engrossed in conversation and sucking on lollipops. Jay took his phone out to take a picture, but decided to record a video instead. His question for Nolen was simple…”tell me why you like DREAM.” This was his response…

Nolen wasn’t prompted, and we weren’t fishing for a sound bite. He spoke with the unrestrained honesty of a child when asked how he really felt about DREAM, about the mentors, about his Zena. In the end, this is what we call a mission moment. It’s a simple yet poignant reminder that our work isn’t validated by statistics or grant awards, but by an 8-year old boy whose day is better because we’re in it.


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