Ice Skating and the Art of Learning

BY: SAM MIHELICH – Program Empowerment Director

Our Cecil B Moore site took upon themselves a challenge at the beginning of the year. They decided that they wanted to get off-site at least once each month. They’ve been on the college campus, to the zoo, and more, always having new experiences to look forward to and chances to learn. This last Friday we went ice skating, and we saw how mentoring and learning work in tandem!

Aboard the Broad Street Line, Sean (left) whispers to the ear of Will (right), a Temple University mentor serving our DREAM site at Cecil B. Moore

The confidence of a kid learning a new skill is incredible. One of the boys started off shaky, hugging the rink’s wall for the first 15 minutes. By the time we were done, he was skating in circles. I went to tell Sean how proud I was of his improvement, to which he responded with, “Yeah. I know.” and then continued to talk about how excited he was about sliding around on the ice. To Sean, this wasn’t a question. He knew that he could improve and he gave it his all, confident in himself and the mentors to help him learn.

When a young person has support to try new experiences, they flourish. Our mentors and kids have grown through these monthly trips, and it’s been so cool to hear them talk about the relationships they’ve built while learning new things!


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